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i love the faux etiquette...as if the demands for sane, ecological transportation (and by necessary extension, a good life) matter only if approved by miss manners...


this culture is unfair; the gap betwen the rhetoric and reality of social life is HUGE. americans are arrogant uneducated fools -- study after study shows this (you know: most americans when asked think the declaration and constitution filled with "dangerous" ideas, etc..)

bicyclists need to step up their demands. that there is a "dr gridlock" only indicates the depth and scope of the near totalitarian orientation of the culture to transport...

@tom paine:

The good thing (at least for those who have the option of biking) is that the car culture in DC is on the wane. It's entered the phase of slow collapse, and there's just nothing that can be done to make it better. Two symptoms of the collapse? The rise in bike commuting and infrastructure, and the emergence of things like "slugging".

Will we see the end of car commuting? Obviously not. But we'll see the increase in mode share of bike commuting. And as that happens, the balance of power will continue to shift. As that happens, bikes and walking will continue to be more attractive as driving continues to be less so.

I like to remind folks who drive and are pissed off about how shitty their morning commute is: Savor this morning's commute. Really savor every moment of it, because it's never, ever going to be any better than it is today.

Choosing to ride a bike has nothing to do with arrogance, entitlement, or being "ecologically holier-than-thou." It's just better than the alternative. And folks who hate on cyclists are just projecting their own frustrations and anger on folks who have left themselves an out.

@mike/satan/tom paine-

Get over yourself. You're not as smart as you try and come across.

I am shocked shocked shocked that there are road closures in Wash DC on the weekend.

Please. Anyone with common sense and has been here longer than a week knows half the roads are closed on any given week - to check for road closures - and to pretty much plan on taking Metro.

Oh wait..... Metro is offering only partial service on weekends too these days???? SOL.

@jeff, satan does win the prize for Most Bitter Poster.

Not everyone checks all trip parameters before they leave the house. Some people actually wing it. The fact that groups regularly commandeer the major thoroughfares can be an unexpected pain in the neck. I can't tell you how many times I got caught in "Rolling Thunder" before it sunk in that it was EVERY Memorial Day.

Michael H, unfortunately the prize for Most Bitter Poster is 7-week old lo mein and public ridicule.

I am from Europe and have lived in a few European Countries.

There is a sense in which Americans do seem to project an image of themselves that is not supported by what they do, or even say they do.

When it comes to bicycles, it does seem as if the goals of the bicycle advocates are rather limited, compared to the European cities I've lived in. I don't understand why. I was told just the other day by a client this is still the "greatest country on earth."

Maybe it is. But not when it comes to bicycles.

who's jeff?...

jeff writes: "Get over yourself. You're not as smart as you try and come across." I know im smarter than i come across...how could you know otherwise?

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