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I feel a little like I work for Mainway Toys but bicycle helmets are stupidly dangerous to wear.

The risks include:

1) The open vent and large overhangs in typical designs are more likely to snag on protrusions, which can jerk the wearer's head and neck.

2) The strap location can choke the wearer if the helmet shifts.

The only reason we put up with those design problems is that they're required by the application they're designed for, riding a bike. Just about every other application is better served by a full-face motorcycle helmet, and I'm aghast that the article didn't recommend that.

Are they trying to hurt our kids?

"News Flash: Moderate to severe brain injuries can adversely affect children's development."

And yes, my child always wears a helmet. But there's no conceivable reason why I shouldn't make her wear one while climbing on the jungle gym (though certainly not a bicycle helmet which is extremely dangerous). Or riding in a car. Or walking for that matter.

It's all a cultural construct.


Really, as the above commenter stated, there really isn't a concievable reason to not wear a helmet. I'd go so far as to even say a bicycle helmet. It's almost a seatbelt-like argument, sure, you could crash into water. Sure you can get belt-whip. But looking at all the ways you or your child can acquire an actual brain injury (here's a list of common brain injury types: http://www.traumaticbraininjury.net/faqs/) you'll notice the top two are preventable by donning a helmet) I'm going say the benefits far outweigh the negative points here.

there really isn't a concievable reason to not wear a helmet.

There isn't? So then, I guess you wear a motorcycle helmet when riding in a car or walking down the street?

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