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By "technically within the security perimeter", I'm assuming you're referring to the vehicle perimeter, since under normal circumstances one can easily walk/bike to/from the Metro station to wherever one's heading.

Right now the closest station to the House side is the one at Union Station,

There's a station at 3rd and D, SE. Much closer than Union Station.

That said, this is a no-brainer. The only concern with security perimeters would be the rebalancing van.

Neither of those locations shown are within the physical barriers - the barriers block 1st St starting north of C st SE.

Capital South used to have a bikesharing service that was available to House staffers. At the northeast corner of the parking lot, there was a corral with about 16 cruiser bikes with standard U and cable locks.

Of course, like most gen-2 bikesharing, the details of managing the bikes as a system soon became more than whoever managed it could deal with, and the bikes got dirty, rusty, and the tires were allowed to go flat, pretty much ending this system. It was there from 2008 to 2009 at least, then one day when I went to the hill, it was all gone.

Can't wait for another station in that vicinity. Its a no-brainer.

Also, if Cantor is so worked up about bikeshare, maybe looking that direction would also raise his ire that there is a gigantic parking structure that offers "free" parking to members & staff... but at $50k per space and a host of lost opportunity cost, it's not really free parking, is it... more like taxpayer subsidized parking for VIPs.

Will, didnt congress also have a B-cycle system, or was that the park police?


That was National Park Service. I think they had 3 stations; 2 on Ohio Drive/East Potomac Park and one in Anacostia Park. They were for Park Service personnel only and I never saw them used.

I think NPS still has those.


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