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Great product placement for the gorilla chain.

This has powerful potential to be the absolute worst bike-related movie ever; past, present, and future. It gets my vote, anyway.

I like this video better (no children, striders, or raceway siding was injured...):

True, most cyclists are commuters and recreational riders who are much more sane than the bike messengers in the movie. But that would make for a pretty boring movie.

At least the female bike messenger looks very fit. I hope the general public ignores the bike craziness on the streets in the movie and sees how fit cyclists can be.

But he's wearing a helmet!

Is a movie about bicycle messengers categorized as historical fiction?

This officially marks the death of the once-vibrant bike messenger subculture.

imagining the pitch meeting: "He's a bike messenger... INSIDE the Matrix."

Hey, its an adventure flick not a bike flick. Still its more to like on the bike front than say http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Hire .

For a minute there, I mixed up the trailer for "Premium Rush" with that for "Ghost Rider Two". It freaked me out to see the cyclist fail to put a helmet on, and then his head burst into flame.

Ride, Lola, Ride.

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