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driver attacks cyclists, causing a broken hip...

What the...!? What an awful story. These bikers need to come testify at the November 2nd hearing. I'm sickened by this.

(CAUTION - the user "general contractor" links to a compromised site that launches attacks, and "cebu pacific..." is plain old spam - don't click on those profile links!)

On top of everything else, thanks for clearing up the source of that quote. The way things were going with the "occupation" forces I almost expected them to attribute it to Che Guevara next.

Let's not rush to judgment. At that very moment, a cyclist somewhere in the Metro region might have been running a red light, or been coming very close to being very near to almost hitting Chuck Thies' kid.

Wow, that GM ad campaign was fantastic. Evidently they also had a pedestrian version, with a woman getting soaked by a puddle-splashing car. Foolish loser! She wouldn't have gotten wet if she had been waiting to cross the street in a car...

Leave it to GM to make soaking a woman with water unsexy.

Didn't GM just get bailed out by the federal government recently?

Did any of the management team that presided over their financial difficulties lose their jobs or pensions or bonuses or anything? Just asking.

I'm guessing GM doesn't go to Chiat-Day for their adverts.

Of course the real joke for many years had been GM's cars, so perhaps their own sense of humor was miscalibrated.

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