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I think that the main difference between Jackson Hole and Idaho is that in Idaho, you can blow right through a stop sign as long as doing so is consistent with your duty to yield. In Jackson Hole, you have to slow to a speed that would allow you to stop suddenly. Possibly 5 mph or so? Possibly the median speed at which cars roll through stop sigs?

I think this Jackson Hole approach is politically feasible in MD, while Idaho stop would not even get a sponsor. I've been meaning to sample opinions on this but since you've brought it up: If you like the Idaho stop sign rule, what portion of the value of that rule would be accomplished with a Jackson Hole type rule?

Personally, the Jackson Hole stop is what I do at most intersections around here -- I just don't trust cars. But can we get a better name? The JH stop? The Hole stop?

$100? I wonder whether that is the same as for drivers in cars.

There are already bike lanes on Columbia Rd NW btwn Adams Mill & Euclid, as well as for a few blocks further east. The new ones will extend from Conneticut Ave to 16th St. NW Yay!!!

Also, they seem to be painting bike lanes on Naylor Rd SE Looks like they have moved the dividing line narrowing the lane heading NW (?) down the hill, with no bike lane. Looks like only the climbing side will have a bike lane. The uphill lane will be great. On the downhill, I typically bike the speedlimit but cars usually go much faster. Maybe (hopefully) the narrow lane will have a calming effect.

Failing to signal is a separate infraction from failing to stop. It shouldn't be a factor in whether you made a proper stop. The whole "signals properly" thing makes me uneasy.

I'm a Hole stopper.

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