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I like the Phillies in game 6 because I don't think the Red Sox can hit off Oswalt.

Coburn also thinks that Highway money should not be spent on bike trails. Maybe the bikers should think of ways to raise their own money for bike trails.

Shouldn't he be advocating for building bike trails, to keep us all off the roads?


Maybe the bikers should think of ways to raise their own money for bike trails.

Not sure why. Multi-use trails are usually for the benefit of drivers. At least, they're always the ones who seem to get worked up when I ride in the street, and take the full lane when there's a "perfectly good bike lane right there"!

It's not Highway money it it's spent on trails is it? Highway money is spent on highways.

What's happening is that gas tax revenue (and tire and truck tax revenue) is being spent on bike trails. But once Congress designates it for trails, it's bike trail money.

Using gas tax revenue to pay for trails is really no different that using income tax revenue to pay for roads - which is what happens now.

Citing "at risk" bridges while complaining that money is misspent is stunningly disingenuous. Congress has a program wherein states get money for bridge repair, but are only required to spend half of the money on bridge repair. The rest can be funneled off for other purposes. This creates an incentive to maintain all bridges in a just-short-of-collapse state.

Here are some links. The first describes the bridge program and the second explains that the bridge money is still being wasted.



Want to stop wasting money? Fix the f---ing bridge porkfest. Assholes.

As WashCycle points out, no one is telling the states to spend it on museums or flowers or visitor centers. But maybe it's time to exclude those things and require that the money be spent on bike and pedestrian transportation, the operative word being transportation. That includes paved trails, even if 95% of the users are recreational and some of the money is spent to make the trail look nice. But it doesn't include visitor centers.

I've actually watched more of the World Series this year, more than I have in about a decade. Next year: Washington Nationals vs. Cleveland Indians. You read it here first!

Video highlights of Sunday's cargo ride in College Park/Greenbelt: http://vimeo.com/31347210

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