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latest update from Maine Ave SW project folks is end of November

You should point out that LaHood is a Republican, even though he's a member of the Obama Administration.

Any plans to connect the Anacostia trails to the WB&A? That would be an easier way to create a true DC-Baltimore bike path.

it occurs to me that the Fort Totten to West Hyattsville Metro trail connection could be also promoted as a continuation of this trail, or at least related. That would provide a connection from Upper NW DC (and Maryland) via the Metropolitan Branch Trail.

Richard, that's true. And that trail will also be completed soon.

Michael H., yes there are plans to connect it to the WB&A trail (see this)

Regarding your comment to Richard, have you heard some positive news on connecting the trail from the DC line to West Hyattsville? You write "that will be completed soon", but the last I heard, it was still mired in uncertainty. I had gotten the impression that there were no concrete plans to proceed.

Last I heard is that the FONSI was issued for that section (Phase II). With the Rhode Island Avenue bridge going out for bid, that should free up Heather Deutsche to pivot to Phase II.


Re Baltimore, it looks like they are taking another shot at their own bikeshare system. After putting their plans on hold back in the spring, they are entering "exclusive negotiations" with B-cycle again. The city wants their system to be self-sufficient, with no public funds used at all.

If that's the case, then the rates could be fairly high, much higher than CaBi rates. More like Miami Beach's system.

I would guess that many people would have preferred an Alta/Bixi system (if there's a Baltimore system at all). But maybe it's better if there are at least two successful bikeshare companies around. If more and more cities add bikeshare, then it might be difficult for a single company to handle the demand for bikes and stations. Since our CaBi keys don't work with stations in other Bixi systems, there isn't any benefit to having Bixi systems everywhere.

I just hope the B-cycle bikes are as sturdy as the Bixi bikes. One difference is that the B-cycle bikes have an enclosed front basket. This could result in trash issues, either from careless users but more likely from non-users who might use the baskets as garbage cans on the street.

It'll be interesting to see what happens up there.


The Baltimore mayor's office also released a statement to the press:


It doesn't seem like they have really done anything though. They want a bikeshare system but they don't want to pay anything for it.

Tried to post this earlier, but internet gremlins seem to have gobbled up my comment:

WC, regarding the Hyattsville connector, I was thinking of the section in MD between the West Hyattsville metro station and Avondale neighborhood park, where a section was paved last year. Correct me if I am wrong, but it looks to me like the FONSI refers to only the DC segment of the trail.

Sorry, I didn't know which section you were referring to. I don't know the status on the MD side.

Breaking ground during 2012 is a best-case scenario, which would require (a) getting the design contractors working again (they are idled by a contracting snafu, according to one), (b) NPS being unusually cooperative about a trail through its property, (c) Amtrak being unusually cooperative, and (d) DC securing federal funding from a grant for which it has not yet applied.

I think that the $1 million O'Malley mentioned is a statewide trail initiative, not for connecting this trail into DC. M-NCPPC says that DC will secure the funding. The Maryland money will leverage local and federal funding MDOT sources had previously said it would be $2 million, so it is not yet clear what happenned to the other $1 million.

And I'll say it again, because coverage of this never says it: The Navy will not allow you to ride your bike. You must get off and walk on the portion of the trail by the Navy Yard. Broken link.

Perhaps the Navy Yard can be convinced to allow bikes after the trail is complete - it will be more clear that it's a missing link.

Right now that section does not appear to be used much. I was running there on Tues afternoon - beautiful fall day and I saw nobody else on the promenade. Or in the new Yards Park area either. I suppose that might change when the new residential building nearby is complete.

The promenade is quite wide. No reason cyclists can't safely use it, even mixing with pedestrians - except at the short section of narrow metal bridge. Dismounting will probably be necessary at that spot.

WRT the trail that I mentioned, I was talking about two different things:

1. the part around Fort Totten for the MBT;

2. the part, including partially in Maryland, that isn't part of the MBT, but is supposed to provide a connection to the NW Branch Trail at the West Hyattsville Station.

It is this part I was referring to, in terms of making a connection to the NW Branch Trail and then the ART.

To get over that way now, I ride down Gallatin/Eastern Ave. to Arundel/Annapolis Rd. in Mt. Rainier and make a bunch of cut overs.

WRT Baltimore and bcycle as a competitor I am disappointed. We weren't able to bid on the system as we were working out new arrangements with a different provider and I was expecting that they would rebid it eventually.

My sense is that bcycle did this because they need to "buy" market share, as bixi has been winning all the major cities, and they need a win. (Bixi was ruled out as they didn't meet all the terms of the RFP.)

Mr. Carlin, the Navy has gone from closed, to open only during a few hours, to open most of the day in a very short time. We just need to keep working with them. But I have seen people biking on the promenade and not be stopped.

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