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Bradley's bike isn't a mountain bike. Those are 700c wheels -- he's just that tall.

There's no such thing as 2ft. wide bike lanes. I hope they either just let it exist as a narrow shoulder outside the fog line with no markings and signage or amend the design to include sharrows instead.

SHA really needs to come up with better design standards and then actually follow them.

Glad to see the courthouse station go in -- about six months late. The other few R-B stations will be nice as well.

new basket?

Re: MLK Redesign,

Agree with jeff. Whatever happened to Complete Streets? Whenever a street is redone it must be done to a minimum standard to permit safe usage by ALL.

Another lost opportunity that we'll have to suffer with for another 30 years. :(

Does anyone have a link for the 2012 Rails-to-Trails Sojourn? Don't see it at http://www.railstotrails.org/ and Google isn't pulling it up, it seems.

Found it:
http://wilderness-voyageurs.com/rtcs-greenway-sojourn-2012.html they bus you from Pittsburgh to DC, then you bike back over 6 days. Hmm, to bad it's not the reverse.

RE: WTOP's coverage of commute distance / stress relationship-

Correlation does not imply causation.

When focusing on stress, I'd wager there are plenty of other factors at play well beyond commute distance. For example, I'd guess that those with longer commutes live in more rural areas with fewer complexities, distractions, and stressors. I live in the city exactly because I *want* more complexity, distractions, and stressors. I thrive on stress: it keeps me motivated; and having so many things to do beyond just work might keep me eternally running late for every destination I aim to be at- but I enjoy the many different things that I get to do.

2 feet is a fancy gutter

I've been hoping that someone would point out the Gazette story is wrong (about 2 feet bike lanes). How can removing a lane only leave 2 feet for bike lanes?


I was wondering the same thing. Could it be that the addition of the sidewalk and some median strip accounts for the remainder of the 'missing lane'?

Wash, you're a man after my own heart. My husband didn't think anyone could misspell "apparently" as I do! It's a standing joke in our house to now similarly butcher its pronounciation, too.

The Rails to Trails Sojourn would be a lot more appealing to me (and I'm guessing other DC folks), if there was a bus to get you from DC to the Pittsburgh start. Though I suppose you could box your bike and take the train to P'burgh.

This is quite a blog entry. You must spend hours every day digging this stuff up! My question: How long DO you spend every day on this?

Between 2 and 3 hours a day

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