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While I wish Bike Arlington had a staff of 14 (and it sometimes feels like they do, given what gets done), it was just 3 Bike Arlington employees and 11 other folks.

Bike Arlington has 14 employees? You're kidding me? What in the world do they do?

Any cyclists who use Bradley Blvd over the Beltway: how have things been faring ever since it was cut down to a single lane in each direction? Has the cross-hatching posed any issue with pavement friction? I haven't been up there in ages... hopefully that change is working out well!

Indoor cycling studio? Boo, they need to take the same space and do a mini-drome:


... or, at least take a lesson from OWS and connect your exercycles to a generator so you can use the Watts productively. At least that's not quite as boring as cycling in place.

I don't know if you already posted this, but the Montgomery County DOT announced an open house for Nov. 29 where members of the public can comment on plans to extend Capital Bikeshare along the Metro Red Line at both ends, from the DC line to the Beltway.

Note that this is only a part of the overall plans for CaBi in Montgomery County.


Regarding one of the station expansions from last week, 21st & I (near Foggy Bottom/GW):
-Last week (Mon-Fri 3PM) there were 50 outages (17 empty, 33 full); totaling 954 minutes (362 empty, 592 full); for an average of 19 minutes each outage.
-This week (same time frame) there were 21 outages. Ignoring the one outage that persisted through the night (11/14 11:31pm-11/15 5:42am) there were 20 outages (5 empty, 15 full); totaling 361 minutes (161 empty, 200 full); for an average of 18 minutes each outage.

The minutes this station was empty or full is just 38% of what it was last week with only 42% of the outages.

Another well placed expansion!

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