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I saw a police officer using a handheld phone and driving the other day. At least he appeared to be looking at the road ahead of him. More than I can say for most of the cellphone drivers.

There's been a marked bike detector at Emory Road and Norbeck Rd in Montgomery county for the better part of a decade.

Seems like a strange place to be so far ahead of the times, but it sure has been nice to have it there.

In the article about license plate scanners they give the example of the technology being used to solve a robbery. However, we've had video cameras all over town for over a decade now, and the policy of the police is that they are not used to solve minor crimes, nor are they made available to the people who are victims of crime for conducting their own investigations.

Then there have been numerous cases discussed here of cyclists who were victims of assault and were able to get a partial or complete license plate, only to be told that the police are powerless to do anything with it.

I have no illusion that new technology is going to change the attitude of the MPD toward actually solving crimes. I also wonder who they have in mind as the target of this technology.

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