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Regarding the 11th St Bridge - the extra distance from the bridge to the ART might not be to bad for cyclists, particularly if the grade is friendly. But for pedestrians it looks like a significant detour. The old bridge had a set of stairs for accessing the path - though they were overgrown with bushes and obviously saw use by local homeless. And would not be ADA complient.

The 11th st bridge currently has a choppy path that is rideable, and lets cyclists and peds off north of 295. Are they going to demo that?

The MPD representative's name is Lt. Nick Breul. In addition, MPD committed at the Council hearing to take a number of steps to address issues raised in the Office of Police Complaints report. BAC Safety, Education, and Enforcement Committee will follow up on those efforts.

americancycle - yes, that bridge is coming down. Only the supports in the river are being kept for pedestrian overlooks.

The other issue for the 11th street bridge is that every sidewalk user will need to contend with traffic going onto and off of DC-295. Think of the Key Bridge-Whitehurst Freeway turn, but two times instead of just one.

However, unlike the Key Bridge turn, the ramps to 295 will be signalized.

The local bridge really, really disappoints when compared with original intent. Local-only traffic on the Anacostia Bridge, nope. Streetcar tracks, nope. Bike lane, nope but the sidewalk is better. DIsappointing.

As for bike lanes on the 11th street bridge, I'm not super disappointed about this. If the speed of the roadway can kept at reasonable levels, I don't see why bicyclists cannot take the lane. Either way, I look forward to a a better connection to downtown Anacostia.

Can you explain what they meant by DC waiting for Maryland on the Sitland Parkway trail? What are they waiting for Maryland to do?

Commit to simultaneously building their section from the DC line to at least the Branch Avenue Metro station. The existing section has limited utility without that.

This is owned by the National Park Service. Has NPS already given the state of Maryland authorization to build a trail? (This might be a better use of funds than a certain detour...) If too tedious to deal with here, maybe you can send me name and contact of whomever indicated they were waiting for MD to do something, and then I can nag the appropriate people (or nag the designated naggers).

There was a meeting at the Census Bureau yesterday regarding bicycle infrastructure at the Suitland Federal Center. Apparently money has been allocated to build a bike trail on the campus, but there's nothing going forward regarding getting the trail along the Suitland Parkway extended from the District line. I asked whether they've worked with the Park Service to get that going forward, and I got a wishy-washy answer.

DDOT wants to work with MD on this upgrade and are waiting on them, but they won't wait forever.

I spoke with DDOT and got clarification. They were clear that they are not waiting on Maryland. (So I don't have to nag anyone in the state.)

DDOT wants to do some refurbishing, but that is competing with other priorities. If someone (e.g. the National Park Service) were to build a trail in the Maryland portion of Suitland Parkway, then that refurbishing would happen sooner. But they realize that this is unlikely within the relevant time horizon, so they will probably refurbish the trail before NPS builds a trail in the Maryland section.

Within PG County, there is some push to connect the Henson Creek Trail over the beltway to the Branh Avenue Metro station. Whether that means a bridge or a tunnel remains to be seen. Secretary Pocari suggested that some day the culvert under the Beltway might be replaced with a bridge--I guess he meant when the beltway is widened. Until then, it is unclear whether a tunnel or a bridge is least problematic. Once that occurs, there will be a push for a Suitland Parkway trail.

Thanks for the clarification.

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