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The lack of safe crossings of the Patuxent River for non-automobile traffic is fascinating to behold. This take on an obvious and potentially straightforward solution is really balanced and yet, at another level, utterly insane. But it gives a reason to hope. Perhaps Route 4 or Jug Bay can be next. Thank you for this.

It's great that you continue to push this forward. Note that I looked up the press reports about the AA County Bike and Ped master plan update, and the "citizens committee" referred to in that process is not an overall standing county committee, but an advisory committee for the plan update process.


AA county Congressman has secured an earmark to study widening the BW Parkway to 6 lanes from Ft. Meade to the Beltway. The options include allowing trucks and reengineering the highway for higher speeds. This would, of course, cost hundreds of millions, require tolls, create large environmental impacts etc. Yet for a couple million -- probably a thousandth of the cost of suck a widenint project, we could build bike "highways" on already existing routeways to help workers at Ft. Meade who live within 10-15 miles in several directions, including the WB&A. The military would be all for it, since they're on a big fitness campaign. But AA county is against that...

Thanks Richard,

I was a bit unclear about the point. Citibiz says "In addition to conducting a series of public meetings, the County Executive will appoint a Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) who will work with the Office of Planning and Zoning (OPZ) and project consultant to provide ongoing citizen and community perspective."

I think that the word "ongoing" left me with the impression it will last beyond the term of the bike-ped planning study. If I misconstrued, could you elaborate?

This may be a small detail for The Washcycle, but I posted largely the same article about
WB&A Trail in the Odenton Patch , hoping that maybe a reader will be motivated to sign up.

It's pretty common for their to be plan advisory committees. I didn't check with AA, that's just my reading of the situation-press release. (I was only curious because I wonder if in part, the efforts to do bike planning in Howard County, and the update process in AA County--although granted, it's time to update anyway--were sparked in part by the Baltimore County planning effort for which I was the project manager. Actually, I know that the Howard County project was sparked by the BaltCo effort, but that's partly because the husband of the HoCo planning director works for the Balt. County planning office.)

Analysis showed that when the buyer in particular had a perspective-taking ability it could predict a successful outcome.

For ulike deler av foten for å tilpasse maksimal belastning kravene utformet som en annen stil, tekstur, vekt, blonder og andre funksjoner.

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