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Washcycle, i hope you see this as the last post to this topic is fairly dated. But, today at around 1 pm, Georgia Brown's Restaurant was using the 15th Street Cycletrack for ... valet parking. I approached going southbound and there was a car smack in the middle of the cycletrack. When I asked the woman getting stuff out of the trunk why she was in the bike lane, she looked at me like I was nuts and said, "I'm in the valet line." Sure enough, the valet booth was immediately ahead of her and the valet guys were directing traffic into the cycletrack. When I asked the valet staffer whether they had a permit to use the bike lanes for valet service, he told me to call the cops if I had a problem with it. That's my next task.... Would have taken a photo but didn't have my phone with me. Thanks for giving this a forum. Meredith

I've not encountered cars in the cycle track there. But you do have to be plenty cautious as many of the patrons of the restaurant will step into the lanes without looking.

The most frequent spot that I've had issues is with cars parking in the cycle track in front of the Washington Post. Even on Sunday's when there is plenty of legitimate spots within a block.


Get the photo of that happening and send it to DDOT's public space committee. They issue valet permits as a privilege, and this is a clear violation. If you get evidence of it, they will take it seriously. You might also send it to Georgia Brown's management first, along with a letter recommending their valets comply with the rules, or the city will ensure they do not have a valet service to worry about.

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