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its so frustrating looking at google maps of the pentagon, thinking of the billions we invested so we can easily move DoD personel from Rosslyn to the Pentagon to Crystal City by rail -- and realizing they will now all be driving 45+ minutes to the Quarter Pentagon or Ft. Belvoir.

Sigh. Perhaps telecommuting will take off.

At the last ABAC meeting, we were told that the reason that trail deadends is that the Pentagon has some super-secret facility that they can't even tell us about that is SO important that a bike path passing within 100 feet would pose a threat. Ah... Pentagon.

The top secret facility can be seen on Google Maps. It's so vital to national security that it is heavily protected. Not even an elite unit of armed commandos with RPGs could break in. They wouldn't even be able to get near that building... er, wait a minute. This runner seems to be right next to the rather low chain-link fence:


Rode this last week, just to see where it went, and whether we could just start using it to connect to Boundary Channel Dr., regardless of paving.

Probably not.

It's hikeable (I think), but definitely not walkable with a bike. Turns into brambles at the end of the paved section, and starts off with a significant grade increase.

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