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It takes a lot of work to cut through a U-Lock.

- Bad people...very bad people.

I'm pretty sure I saw that lock in Georgetown. I actually though it was from removing an abandoned bike.

A lot of work? Probably about 3 minutes with a portable saw. Just pull up in a van, and you're out of there in a few minutes.

With cordless power tools getting up above 18Vs into the 24V range, thiefs have a lot more cutting power at their disposal. A grinder with a decent diamond blade could probably cut its way through one of those Bulldog Minis pretty quickly.

I count myself as lucky to be able to bring my bike up to my office with me and not have to leave it out on the street or down in the garage.

Not implying that this is an excuse but how long was the bike there? Charlie may have a point that maybe someone thought the bike was abandoned and called for the cutters. I mean, those were pretty clean cuts, like they had time and weren't worried about making noise.

That said, if it were legit, they probably would have also taken the lock.

By the way, Dr Gridlock replied via email that the information sent to him about illegal parking in bike lanes was helpful

My fiance and I caught a guy cutting through a u-lock in broad daylight across the street from the Loew's Theater in Georgetown a few years ago, so clearly crooks still think they can get away with it down there.

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