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This may be the "proportional" response from yesterday's comment saying the "contractor working on this site doesn't have a clue about trail users".

Can you really go straight on that trail? Isn't it a deadend? Also, I think that's why the big ol' sign shown in your picture says "detour" & "Mt. Vernon Trail" pointing to the left.

Finally, I didn't notice any sign warning bikers of the Potomac River on the right. They could easily have drowned if they turned to the right.

I admit, it is comical reading about people complain about a little construction/ temporary lane adjustment. Are these people also ones who can't drive on 495 near Tyson's?

You can go straight o Jones Point Park (mostly good for dog walking and fishing).

Basically what I am complaining about is the fact that these gravel transitions look fine but you can easily slide out of control on them. The transitions need to be paved. Unfortunately this contractor is equally inept at paving! Of course, riding in the dark (even with lights) adds to the problem. Also, there are high curbstones outside the picture that are at right angles to the path at the bottom of the hill from the Washington Street deck. Somebody's going to get hurt here. Nothing comical about that.

I agree with Rootchopper. Some of the most common hazards I have to navigate through on my bicycle are places where a construction crew "fixed" a street or path by dumping gravel all over it. Many non-cyclists simply do not recognize that loose dirt, sand, or gravel are serious hazards for people on bicycles. I have to deal with this nonsense at both ends of the Oxon Hill Farms Trail in MD/DC.

Gravel is managable if you have fat tires and/or you're not trying to turn. Otherwise, it's problematic.

Gravel sucks if it's dark and you don't expect it, especially on a curve.

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