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I thought in Texas they did everything big.

B-Cycle runs two 2-station microsystems:

  • Kialua HI
  • Spartanburg SC
with 12 and 14 bikes, respectively.

Also, Sacramento CA piloted a 2-station system in which users could only return a bike to the station from which it had been checked out.  I understand they are planning to switch to a new system with staffed stations located in parking lots/garages -- interesting to see whether it even finds (and goes on to solve) a last-mile problem for auto users.  It appears they are going for staffed stations due to theft and vandalism during the pilot (Buenos Aires has gone that route for the same reason) and the ease of having parking lot attendants multitask for bikeshare. 

When it fails, they'll be able to say the whole concept has been discredited.


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