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I agree that the new alignment in green is the preferred one, but it does not seem to address the need to connect the Marvin Gaye/Watts trial to the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail. I think road sign and markings would be sufficient but should not be excluded in the new design.

Really looking forward to having this commute option from Prince George's to/from DC. When the bridge to the Arboretum side is finished, do you suppose it might be possible to ride through the golf course to get to the RFK stadium area? That would avoid the Whitney Young bridge. Does the golf course have paved cart paths? I wonder if we could pay a fee or sign a liability waiver to commute through the golf course when the Arboretum gate is closed, or at night (when no-one would be golfing anyway)?

John, that's a good point. The yellow section along Deane Avenue should be built as well.

Another thought is that when the bridge across the Anacostia is completed, they should look into opening the Arboretum's M Street gate - to bikes and peds at the minimum.

well, it's not entirely true that the southern part of the landfill is closed to the public. there are a couple jersey barriers blocking the trail, but one can easily go around them and explore that area. i've done it many times.

Without creating some sort of connection to Maryland and/or M St, the bridge over the Anacostia will be of little value, at least in a transportation sense. Hopefully the planners will see the wisdom of making the connection.

@Greenbelt - I think the Whitney Young is on East Capitol? You could take the Benning Rd Bridge too.

M Street NE continues to an unused gate east of Maryland avenue. It's pretty clear if you go down there that the road used to extend farther, and I'd be surprised if the ROW didn't extend all the way to the golf course.

This gives 2 options.

1) Modify the M Street gate to allow bicyclists and pedestrians to go through it, just like the ped gate at the Washington Times building. This would be pretty cheap and only require a security guard to close/open the gate when the others are closed or opened. The downside is that it closes at dark.

2) continue the trail on M Street and then the fringe between the golf course and the arboretum. This is more expensive and requires buy-in from NPS, but it's not that expensive.

Obviously, I favor 2.

If M St used to extend east of that unopened gate, it hasn't since at least 1949.

I also don't know if Wash's #2 would work as well as he expects. Aerial imagery suggests that there's a couple of wetlands along that golf course/arboretum fringe. If so, they'd have to be bridged or bypassed, which would add to the expense.

It would still work, it would just be more expensive.

It's entirely possible that M Street was an unpaved road, but you can see that it was a road.

I assume no part of the trail is actually built into the landfill just on top?

For what it's worth, the planning map for the trail on the DDOT website does show a connection between the bridge over the Anacostia and M St.

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