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Sharrows as far as the eye can see.

The non-trail sections of the East Coast Greenway marked and painted with green lane paint from NoVA to Bmore. (Plus some route improvements along the way.)

I think expanded sharrow installation might also require more public education about what the markings mean. A friend told me recently he was on a road where the bike lane seemed to be the entire lane and he could not figure out where he was supposed to drive. Pretty sure it was a sharrow marking.

Wish for 2012:

15th St. cycletracks extended south past the National Mall to Ohio Dr.

This would clear up a number of problems: get cyclists off sidewalks crowded with clueless tourists, provide a safe avenue for pedicabs, provide safe passage for Virginia-D.C. bike commuters

Congrats on the new job!

For that matter, all the Potomac River crossing are suboptimal in one way or other other (and on one side (e.g Key bridge) or the other (e.g Mem Bridge) - or both(e.g. TR)) in their connections to the broader network. 14th street is not perfect - both a 15 st sharrow and finishing the under humpback and/or long bridge park connections would help but right now it's best in class.

My wish is for a cycletrack pilot project on a major arterial road in suburbia, such as Duke, Seminary, Braddock, or King St (for all of these I'm thinking of Alexandria west of Old Town).

Probably not gonna happen, Jonathan. It was a fight just suggesting bike lanes on Duke St during the transit corridor meetings, let alone something grander.

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