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Google maps does in fact show some of the ICC Trail segments already. Right now, they're showing the segment from Needwood Road to Emory Lane and the segment from Georgia Avenue to Layhill Road. I figure they'll have the rest of it soon enough.

Speaking of trail maps, does anyone know what the deal is with the Bike Washington website? It's a great resource for maps and route information for many bike trails and routes in the DC area, but it hasn't been updated in years. For example, the Mathew Henson Trail isn't shown and the Met Branch Trail is listed as "proposed" with very little information. So has this website been abandoned? And if so, it would be great if someone could take it over and update it.

Sorry for going somewhat off topic, but I've been meaning to ask about this for a while and this was the most on-topic post I've seen.

Sorry about the mis-labeled pic washcycle. This shot is a westbound photo towards Briggs Chaney road.

You can submit edits to Google Maps via Map Maker:

Its a community approval system and eventually edits filter their way into the main maps.google.com site

I take it the trail is incomplete and doesn't really extend the length of the road? It would be a cool possible bike commute from my area (northern PG county) to upper Montgomery County employment areas if it was a through route with no gaps.

Re Bike Washington website: I think the guy who started it up is either retired and/or not interested in updating that website any longer.

It was a great resource in the early days of modern DC-area cycling and the Web. But now that we have many other resources like WashCycle, BikeArlington, Capital Bikeshare (the system and online map), DDOT bike map, the BikeArlington/Washington Bike Forum, Google Maps bike tool, et al., area cyclists no longer have to rely on a single person to update and maintain a comprehensive bike website for the entire DC area.

Although I only started cycling (as an adult) a few years ago, Bike Washington was one of the first info sources I found to help learn about area trails and resources. But as I discovered the other sites, and new sites came online (BikeArlington forum, CaBi), I've found myself using BikeWashington less and less.

Now I only use it as a secondary source for ideas about longer trips in the more distant suburbs. BW can't keep up with all of the changes in DC and Arlington. I sent them an update about the I-395 bike underpass near the W&OD trail head in Arlington a while back. I don't think it has been added to their map. But they do have a brief mention of Capital Bikeshare now.

The BW Yahoo Group also seems to be dormant. If there were no other forums and blogs available, that would be a problem. But we have plenty of other means to chat about regional bike issues and events now.

I actually submitted map recommendations for adding the ICC bike trail when it ran from Needwood Rd. to Georgia Ave. this summer (it wasn't shown previously) and a Google staffer contacted me to confirm it was correct within about a month or so...not bad considering the amount of edits they must have to make to their (mostly global) network. Haven't ridden on the newest portion east of Georgia, but if anyone knows how far/where the trail actually goes, MapMaker is really intuitive and you don't need to know GIS to submit a change recommendation.

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