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What's especially hilarious about the article that wasn't meant for you is the way it goes on about how the policies will suppress housing supply and drive up home prices. A lot of people who are currently underwater on their homes would surely appreciate (pun intended) that if it were true...

I'm not elistist at all, but I am a little smug about my bike commute I guess. Sorry.

I find it hilarious that on the same page, this:

"Agenda 21 is a voluntary plan adopted at the 1992 United Nations"

Can be followed up with "OMG, what can we do to stop it!"

Yes, because a voluntary plan adopted in 1992 is clearly waiting in the wings to ruin lives in 2012. All part of the master plan of those sneaky UN types.

Some of the ideas being promoted on these "anti-agenda 21" websites are frightening. They argue, for example, that preserving land from development (for conservation/recreation purposes) is part of a UN plot to take over US sovereignty. What planet do these people live on?

@Purple Eagle:

A planet where arguably the most influential political party manages to hold on to power by gulling the credulous and maximizing the economic gains of the very, very wealthy.

Watch out for black helicopters, and be sure to vote for the elephant guy.

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