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Just a reminder to fellow cyclists: I know you want to be visible to cars, and I know that new super high-output front light is a marvel of technology, but if you can spare a moment, would you mind lowering the beam a bit when you're not on the road?

Nothing worse than being blinded by a stream of oncoming lights pointed directly into your face.

[Specifically on multi-use paths.]

Southbound MVT is bad for that after dark...get it from both bikes AND the northbound GWPkwy traffic.


Was just noticing that Thursday night. I almost hit a jogger who was dressed in black, and back-lit by those awful freaking HID lights on the GW Parkway.

I've decided I'm going to be crossing at Key Bridge and riding through town on M then Pennsylvania Ave. More traffic, but at least I can see.

Bikes with super bright taillights are also difficult to follow on the trail. Maybe it's a tailgating deterrence system?

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