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Coming down the glorified sidewalk that is the Custis trail is probably not the best place to ride like a bat out of hell. That's what what Clarendon Blvd. is for.

To be fair "I saw a cop with a radar gun pointing at bikes" isn't the same as "the cops are ticketing cyclists for speeding".

Well, pedestrians and cyclists have always complained that police can't be bothered to enforce traffic laws. Now the police do, and you're still upset! Won't you ever be satisfied???

Well here's a suggestion: Arlington police could stop using the Custis Trail in Rosslyn as their personal parking lot.

To be sure, that 11 mph "margin of error" is usually applied only at higher speeds. Seems to be in the 7 mph to 10 mph range for speed limits below 35.

I'm not so sure it was police doing ticketing for speeding...



I have yet to see a driver open his car door and put his foot out on the pavement at a stop sign.

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