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After I asked, DDOT posted the 4 photos they got of the 11th St Bridge on Flickr.

That's my name
that name again
is Mr. Plow.

Those winter tips are pretty close to what I do. I admit on really cold days to popping some of those activated charcoal warmers in my shoes and/or hands.

And I have learned to accept that streaming fluids from most of the orifices on my head is just a fact of cold-weather cycling.

I hope MNCPPC considers doing some plowing this winter. Even a thin stripe of clearedness would be very helpful.

If you're talking about the CCT, then no. MNCPPC says they will not clear trails for liability reasons, on the grounds that if they do and someone slips on ice, they could be sued. But if they don't and make it clear they don't, they're covered.

So we shouldn't plow roads then, for liability reasons? That liability dodge sounds like, well, a dodge. Suing the government for clearing snow and ice off a public trail? By that logic they wouldn't be able to plow streets for fear of liability either.

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