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I travel down the Woodmont bike lane on my ride home and any seasoned commuter simply merges into the left edge of the right-turn only lane - the point is there are rarely cars in it except those going straight (that is ignoring the right turn only). Worse perhaps is that much traffic (at least the evening rush) DOES make a right turn the block before so the rider in the bike lane must be careful to watch given the standard right turn without turn signal.....

PS - the block before is Montgomery I believe.

The Kensington link appears to be broken.

Also, CycleMoco's comments section seems to be broken. I posted a comment yesterday but it still hasn't shown up.

fixed the link. Thanks.

antibozo, not sure why some comments don't show up. It's not usually a problem but some anti-spam blog tools are overzealous at times. But without them you will get spam every 6 minutes. Try again, if it's still a problem I guess I'll try another tool.

Jack, I did try to repost the comment late last night and got an error message that the comment had already been submitted. But I'll try again later. Thanks.

washcycle, sorry about this non-sequitur, and, as usual, thanks for doing such a great job with this blog.

I should point out that the plan map on p. 33-35 doesn't reflect a couple changes made in committee, mainly that Connecticut Ave. and University Blvd. will not be getting bike lanes (there simply isn't room). I'd asked for a shared use path along Kensington Parkway to Beach Drive, but they said that's outside the covered area.

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