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Presumably that's the Fort Circle Trail? Parts of it are in pretty good shape, but in other areas it's been very over-grown on my occasional visits.

I recognize that section. It's just north of Good Hope Rd. That was pretty much the only major blockage between Ft Dupont and the Anacostia Museum on my last trip (a couple of weeks ago). Hooray for trail maintenance!

Good to hear. When I have visited the trail, the southern section near the Anacostia Museum has been the most overgrown. Section through Ft. Dupont has always been very nice (how many people realize that it's one of the best places to see Mountain Laurel in bloom in the late spring?)

Wonderful trail. Not that I want to see it overcrowded, but more people ought to check it out. It's good mountain biking in DC that you can ride to.

Haven't ridden Ft Dupont park since before bikes were prohibited (young and dumb/ pioneer or a bit of both). I remember them being an awesome place to ride in DC.

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