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A note in the title or at the top that this this was notes from the Arlington BAC meeting would be nice.

Why would it be nice?

CaBi station on the MVT next to National Airport would be nice.

Yeah, that's probably my #1 want. I think one at the entrance to TR Island would do well on weekends, but it probably isn't worth it for that.

Extend the MVT and kill the Potomac Heritage trail -- no thanks.

CABI at the airport? Go to CC and walk. Might have some use for airport employees. I'd rather see money invested in making bicycles feel more welcome to the airport - I know when I was there I had to go through two garages to get to the elevator.

TR Island would get some commuters to/from DC. I'd rather dock on flat part than ride up the bridge in a CABI.

@Charlie - I would agree with you regarding the trail extension if that were the plan. Look at the proposed routing on the NPS page linked to the post - the study looked at a route further upslope, not down by the river. The trail extension would not affect the Potomac Heritage Trail.

The Army-Navy Drive cycletrack would be nice, especially if it continues north on Joyce St. under the 395 overpasses.

Did he specify the problem with the EA for the Long Bridge connector to the MVT? Or is it the aesthetics issue again? NPS seems overly concerned about the aesthetics of that section of the GW Parkway. A bike connector will lie in between a rusty train bridge (which might be upgraded for high-speed rail in the long-term future) and a MetroRail bridge.

If they are concerned about the amount of bike traffic on the MVT, then they could widen the section in the area south of the Humpback Bridge. There is more than enough space to widen the MVT from the Humpback Bridge to Gravelly Point.

I'd really like to see that connector built at the same time as the 2nd phase of Long Bridge Park. Then maybe we could have that convenient connection in about two years.

The trouble with walking to Crystal City is that the only safe walking/cycling route is a long ways along the MVT. The best location for a CaBi station at DCA would, I think, be along the trail connector (basically the sidewalk along Smith Rd.) just outside the parking garage. There are unused patches of grass thereabouts that could accommodate a station easily, without displacing any parking.

Any ideas for making the MVT/GW Parkway grade crossings safer?

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