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"While no one would argue that an industry should write its own regulations, ..."

You must be new here. From where I sit, that's how it mostly works.

True. But I'm talking about what should happen, not what does happen.

Isn't that pedicab operator in the picture breaking a bunch of the new regs?

I had hoped the BAC would have undertaken efforts to facilitate a discussion amongst operators, police, DDOT etc. Personally, I believe that as gas prices continue to rise, human powered transportation & transportation services will make increasing demands on road use.

The BAC has held discussions on pedicab regulations, but not because DDOT came to them with them. But some felt it wasn't really a BAC issue. And there was little agreement on whether the regulations were good as is, or needed changes.

we need to be included in the conversation b4 the uspp take these regs to the extreme this summer

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