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Good breakdown. Hope they reconsider - I visit Silver Spring only 1-2 times per year, but that'd increase if I were to have the MBT head all the way there.

The SS train station is 100 ft from my commute every evening. In ten years of riding that route I can think of only a single instance in which I noticed an event on that property or even any preparations for an event. Admittedly there is very little room between the covered area and the tracks - it does represent the platform for the train station as it was in the days of commuter trains. However the platform is also less than 50 feet from the Metro rails that parallel the railroad tracks along that route. Metro trains squealing past as they brake on their way into Silver Spring Station make the rental of the platform a fairly unattractive resource for meetings or parties while the enormous value of the trail goes unfulfilled for exceedingly parochial interests.

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