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You would think that the District would be doing whatever they could to stimulate job growth. Why don't they just call for a meeting next week with owners, operators, NPS, etc and get this over with?

Oh, I dont' know. Let me channel Oboe. Pedicabs regs are for the convienece of DC resident -- and not those out of staters pedaling around.


Not sure you could make that argument, given that NPS is the controlling legal authority here. But, yes, in general I believe that DC government entities should represent the interests of DC residents.

But I'm crazy like that!

It seems like the Park Police are the real issue here. Props to DDOT for paying attention and trying to get to a resolution, but they need to meet with the operators asap in order to offer a successful resolution.

There are certain members of the US Park Police that are trying to ban pedicabs through constant harassment. They invent "laws" at random and routinely try to intimidate pedicab customers. The DC government and the National Park Service claim to support the existence of pedicabs. However, the real question is whether individual members of the US Park Policy have the power to make transportation and environmental policy through brute force on the National Mall regardless of law or even of the official policies of their own organization. Is this a country ruled by law or by men?

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