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Re: invitation of bids.

What would happen of bikes with ads cross the river from DC to VA? Would they just go with it or would CaBi have to specifically retrieve those bikes?

As far as the "five best blogs" - it really is puzzling that WashCycle isn't there. Two different "all about my commuter adventures" blogs but not the one that brings together the stuff you really need to know and other stuff that it's fun to know.

No, it's not that you're ugly, it's that you have no "personality." You "report" and you don't write "puff" pieces. (The news section of the newspaper, not the opinion page.) People come here for information, to find out what is going in with regards to cycling in the DC area. I don't need to read about some "wacky" thing that happened to some blogger on his commute -- those things happen to me. If I have a question about a piece of gear, I'm going to ask people I know or I know ride under similar conditions. You're the "one stop" for news that affects cycling around here.

I think its absurd that washcycle was left off that particular listing. Really? 5 DC blogs without washcycle? Just makes no sense.

+1. Washcycle is news, information, a resource, and useful. Blogs are for entertainment.


Arlington plans to station officials at each river crossing to turn back bikes bearing unwanted and illegal DC advertisements. Arlington will be kept pure from this commercial infestation.

I read some of those other blogs occasionally -- they're nice. But I check washcycle twice a day every day, even when I'm out of town. News is good.

I'm shocked & disappointed to discover that WashCycle was not listed in the Washingtonian along side the best Penn Quarter restaurants and the best wine tastings in the Virginia hunt country. How shallow and petty of the magazine to feature fluff over substance. Actually, perhaps I'm not all that surprised & disappointed.

Funny, but I had never even heard of those five blogs. Perhaps the article should have been titled, "Top Five Cycling Blogs You've Never Heard Of."

Thanks Washcycle.

I was happy to learn about those five bike blogs and I'll be adding one or two to my daily bike-surfing. But yikes, you just can't be informed about what's going on in this bicycle region without coming here. Embarrassing omission for them.

None of the five Washingtonian blogs have the influence Washcycle does. Rankings reflect entertainment value, not clout.

If it's any consolation, I read this blog every day, while I haven't even heard of some of those other ones.

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