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I was at COG TPB the other day, and DDOT is adding the bike ped bridge idea and a 3rd RR track parallel to Long Bridge to the 2011-2016 TIP. It's great that it's under consideration, but I think the DC connection needs more work. It would be amazing if instead of terminating at Jefferson area, it could continue as grade separated facility to the future Maryland Ave SW complete street.

+1 for Will's comment.

A key problem to this area is completing the trip. On the VA side, a bridge across the GW parkway would be most helpful.

On the DC, you cannot safely cross Maine AVe. Maine Ave and Ohio Dr is Russian Roulette. We have had one member of our group hit crossing, and I have had several near misses. There are not pedestrian triggers for the lights, cars dont stop at the red light, and not all lanes have traffic lights - meaning there is one lane where the traffic is always continuous. It's crazy.

Will's idea of having the bike bridge continue all the way and terminate on the far side of Maine Ave is an excellent idea.

And we would point out - cherry blossom season is a form of pedestrian insanity. There are so many more pedestrians than the infrastructure can safely handle. Getting across that intersection during Cherry Blossom season, is exceptionally dangerous. A bridge across, leveraging the existing infrastructure - would be excellent.

And I would note, there is currently an abandoned train bridge going across main ave - that is not in use. The Mandarin refinished it as a pedestrian bridge, but there is no access to it from the east side and the west side has steep steps. Here is a bridge, in place, that could be retrofitted to tremendous good.

A Long Bridge bike trail would be very nice. I believe Arlington is currently in the design stage for the next phase of Long Bridge Park. Along with the planned aquatic/fitness center, the existing esplanade would be extended close to the GW Parkway. Construction on the next phase of the park could begin by early 2013. (Maybe I'm being overly optimistic, or not.)

The plans for Long Bridge Park include a reference to a future connector across the parkway to the MVT, but they don't provide any details, not like the DEIS does. Hopefully the bridge to MVT can be included in the Long Bridge Park project. And then maybe a future Long Bridge bike trail could be incorporated into plans to upgrade the train bridge for high-speed trains.

I would think that the Long Bridge Park-MVT bridge could be designed and completed in a couple years. I hope there is progress on the Long Bridge bike trail too.

The bridge by the Mandarin hotel is accessable from both sides - I ran across it a couple of weeks ago. Discovered it somewhat by chance, just out exploring. I accessed it from the east from the circlular drive in front of the hotel.

By the way, Washington D.C. is no longer considered a major North American city. At least not according to a Calgary Sun article about a bikeshare proposal in Calgary:

Five major cities in North America — Toronto, Vancouver, Boston, New York and Denver — are doing similar pilot projects, said Ald. Peter Demong, who suggested waiting to gauge their results.


Another news item: Possible prices for NYC bikeshare, but no official prices have been announced yet.

Daily membership could be $8-10, weekly $20-25, annual "less than" $90-95.


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