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Letter sent, plus the Greenbelt APB and planning staff alerted. Thanks for the news!

My worry about this sort of thinking is that it makes developers responsible for biking/walking infrastructure. Look at the Trolley Trail extension to Riverdale Park and Hyattsville. It's tied up in the Cafritz development and EYA. I mean, if the sidewalk is missing, it should be the government's responsibility to put it in there, whether or not development happens.

Under the proposal, developers will only be responsible for infrastructure that mitigates problems they cause with their development, in "rough proportion" to the stress they put onto the system.
Aside from the terms of the legislation, if the county requires more, they will be violating Dolan v. City of Tigard.

Of course, localities would love to require developers to fix "missing links" whose absence was problematic before the development, in which the benefits accrue to the public at large. If this is really what the county is seeking (rather than an attempt to explain the legislation to the lay public) then it will easily be struck by courts as an "out and out plan of extortion (Nollan v Calfornia Coastal Commission).

Thanks for publicising this!

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