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Nice! Here's the project's website --- http://washingtongateway.com/

No indication how much parking there will be, or if they'll price it separately for residential buyers. I would happily pay a premium for such first-class bike accomodation if i can realize savings from not having to pay the costs to provide parking that I don't need.

That's beautiful.

Great, now can they do anything about the thug life on the trail?

Pretty sure it'll be rentals, Darren, and that parking will be separate. (Office workers or daily/retail parkers will pay more than residents for the same garage parking spaces, so there's an incentive to minimize residents' cars.)

Midt bunn demping laget er det viktigste, er den myk enn yttersåle, og buen på støtte kan kontrolleres bøying sko kronglete kraft, og virkningen av landing kraft ledning fra hælen til føttene.

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