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NH Transit allows bikes on its Northeast Corridor trains except during rush hour, for high-platform stations only. If MARC adopted the NJ Transit policy, then it would allow bikes on the Penn Line except for Union Station. So one would have to change at New Carrollton to Metro, which already allows bikes off-peak anyway. We will need to get MARC officials to explain the difference.

Typo--I meant NJ Transit not NH Transit.

Trying to decide just how exciting the oversight hearing could be.

DCBAC and DDOT should be two key players in our infrastructure improvement efforts so it seems like there should be a great opportunity in there somewhere, but at the same time if the focus is on administrative operations issues there's probably not much room to bring issue-specific testimony.

Anyone have further insight into the agenda?

FYI - The D&Q River Ride is part of the Diamond Derby on March 10th (not this Saturday). http://www.crystalcity.org/do/crystal-city-diamond-derby

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