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Those hockey players actually make it almost impossible to ride a bike through that area. (the east side) (They take up the entire street, and on a nice day the sidewalks are jammed).

During the week, it seems like half the time the area in front of Blair house is majorly cordoned off, making it difficult to get through on that area (the west side) (and before that it was Occupy that prompted them to throw up a bunch a barriers)

Whenever I see the street hockey groups, I always think of Wayne's World. "Car!"

Anacostia Park was a car-access-dominated cruising ground (sharing the narrow lanes with the weekenders' cars was not bike-friendly). With the completion of the separated bike/run trail at river's edge, the traffic-calmed regrading of the parallel roadway from South Capitol Street to beyond the Sousa Bridge, the slow cruising speeds, the flanking athletic activities (playing fields and river rowing) and the picnic smells, it's taking a completely different feel.

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