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I especially like the mileage signs for Key West Florida and Maine by the Monroe Street bridge. Very nice touch.

Nice. Has Arlington set up similar signs on the Custis Trail? I think they have, but I don't ride over there very often. I found that trail to be very confusing in certain sections.

I'd like to see Arlington do that on the W & OD. There is no sign at all for the turn-off for the Bluemont Junction trail.

An on-street connection between the MBT in Brookland and the Northwest Branch Trail near Mt. Rainier, Maryland (which is also part of the East Coast Greenway)

What a coincidence. I rode the MBT for the first time this weekend, trying to get out to Greenbelt. Jumped on the MBT, and just kept following the signs until I hit Ft Totten, then backtracked to Brookland, and followed the East Coast Greenway signs until I got lost somewhere east of Rhode Island Ave/Rt 1. The signs really seem to peter out when you get into PG County.

On the way back into town, I missed the connection from NE Branch to NW Branch trail, and ended up by the new bridge over the Anacostia at the beginning of the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail.

"Cool!" I thought, "I'll just bomb this thing back to Capitol Hill, and..." two miles later I hit this:


which is here on Google Maps. Pretty much the middle of nowhere with nowhere to go.

It was fun just bombing around town, but someone really should post a sign at the Bladensburg Waterfront Park saying the trail dead ends in two miles with no outlet other than turning around and going back the way you came.

Until the MBT is finished out to Fort Totten and the PG connector is built up, I'd suggest that DDOT and MNCPPC just paint a nice green stripe on the roads to help people get from 8th and Monroe in DC to 38th and the NW Branch trail in MD:

-Monroe from 8th to 12th
-12th from Monroe to Newton
-Newton from 12th to 18th
-18th from Newton to Varnum
-Varnum from 18th to 38th (Varnum becomes Arundel road and Allison Street, respectively, and would need a counterflow OK the last two blocks)
-38th from Allison to the NW Branch

In my opinion, this is the simplest route from the Met Branch to the NW Branch.

oboe, I'm pretty sure there is a sign at BWP that tells users the trail has no exit.

I must have missed it. Maybe I should slow down.

I think the signs are great and make drivers aware that bicycles can take the road especially around the Marvin Gaye Trail area

Are any maps available of these new routes?

How practical would it be to tour the major DC attractions on bike? Doable?


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