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Another "perfectly good bike path"!

the side path is an insult to anyone using the bicycle as a transport vehicle.

50 years of absolutely retarded, beyond stupid development of the area will not be fixed in the next twenty years, at least...

any bike advocate who would work with fairfax or any similar county is a fool, a tool, and a hack...

Cindy: then you can consider me (and several others) a fool/tool/hack.

I just emailed the Construction Engineer for the repaving project, [email protected], and asked whether the repaving project would include any work to patch or repair the bicycle sidepath. The short answer was no. Others may wish to follow up on this.

God kvalitet joggesko, uansett hva merkevaren av sine viktigste strukturen har en likhet. Yttersåle kontakt med bakken lag, tekstur, litt hardere, slitasje-resistent, non-slip funksjon.

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