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*Rolls eyes*

At best, this is dangerously slick when it's wet out. Otherwise, I'm not even sure you could pinch flat on that edge with low tires. If you're worried about bumps, you need to stay of this road anyway as the surface is rubbish between C and D streets.

I mean, this bike lane is a great addition to what could be a nice link between the Mall and bike lanes all the way down M st. SE and you're complaining about the most pedestrian features. That's just silly.

I feel more confident rolling over DC streets with my 700 x 37 tires. Back in the day when I rode 700 x 25 (or 22s) I had to exercise much more caution and pick a line though the various surface imperfections.

@JeffB: I've been thinking about getting wider tires to deal with pot holes. Do you think these will do, or do I need to go slightly larger?

and you're complaining about the most pedestrian features.

I didn't realize I was complaining. Show me where that happened.

hmmm. i'd say this doesn't hold a candle to the giant holes in, say 21st street NW (downtown between M and L), or the paving disaster that is New Hampshire NW south of Dupont Circle. Also, the bike lanes on V NW between 9th and Georgia were put on top of some serious pothole madness.


The latter look promising. Also might be a solution for the occasional difficulty one encounters with motorists in the bike lane.


@Farce: some of them are over an inch off the pavement surface. Yes, potholes can be deep, but for whatever reason they don't interfere with one's line quite as cunningly as round manhole covers do. Approach one of these (or one of those steel plates they temporarily cover trenches with) at a bad angle and you can easily go down. Also, this street was resurfaced somewhat recently; there are no holes besides the ones that Pepco has created.

Kudos to DDOT for noticing this and taking quick, pre-emptive action.

Also, what bikes lanes on M St? That proposal went down in flames due to a few loud neighbors (maybe even just one) who demonized bicyclists. Little details like manhole covers and public meetings matter.

Come on, WC, don't play word games. It was perfectly legit to say you were "complaining."

Well, since I wrote it, I would say that I'm uniquely qualified to say what I was doing, and it wasn't complaining.

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