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Thank you to Commander James Crane, Lt Nicholas Breul and Sgt Terry Thorne of MPD for attending the BAC meeting. Although there is clearly more work to do to make sure that officers correctly apply traffic law to cyclists involved in crashes, their involvement shows a commitment by MPD to improving the situation and correcting issues as they arise.

Thanks for the BAC notes. While I agree with "WABA has also identified some laws for enforcement on drivers such as unsafe passing distance." However, in my opinion the single greatest safety enforcement would be against turning without a signal - sure, both cyclists & drivers if you'd like.

The ticket situation sounds appropriate; I never got the red light and failure to yield.

You've also got to divide situations where the bicylist was at fault -- but here paid the penalty -- and ones where a bicycle starts the accident chain off. I don't think a red light ticket is going to deter anyone here -- a broken pelvis is far more effective.

A have a lot of relatives in colorado; I remember as a kid how fit they all were (biking 150 miles in a day down the front range); they are all pretty fat now.

The Chicago Police Department commissioned this 14-minute training video from the local bike advocacy group. The section on right hooks is at about 3:45; the city has specific code language that applies to right hooks.

(I'm on at around 4:30 and 5:50, getting left hooked and doored.)

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