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Funny, I wonder what that "Arlington County Parking Only" cutout on the other side of the street is for . . .

You mean they are there to facilitate traffic flow on Lynn and Lee Hwy ?!?!?! HA HA HA HA HA no of course not.

The only thing unusual, in my experience, is that the police car is usually parked where the photographer is standing.

Incredibly bad park job by this cop. Cyclists traveling in both directions are trying to make it through both lights. It gets congested right where is parked. And he is facing the entirely wrong direction. Right over his shoulder is perhaps the most dangerous intersection for cyclists in Arlington County.

Glad the police are "on top" of things.

I only wish ArlCo hadn't moved the "Bicycle Friendly Community" sign from there, the inclusion of which would have created the Most Perfect Bikeblog Picture Ever

While this is not helpful behavior by the cop, two points: 1) it is possible to get around the car on a bike or on foot, and 2) cops often block parts of roadways, so they seem to want to inconvenience everyone. I suppose sometimes they have a good reason.

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