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The improvements to the Columbia Pike/Washington Blvd. interchange can also open up space for the planned Washington Blvd. bike trail. According to the drawing, the southbound Wash. Blvd. lane that leads directly to S. Quinn St. would be removed.

The open space could accommodate the southern part of a bike trail along the western side of Wash. Blvd., from Columbia Pike north to Courthouse Rd. There is currently a stub of a trail but it only runs for about 100 ft. from Courthouse Rd.

A Washington Blvd. trail would greatly improve the bike route between Pentagon City and Clarendon/Court House. Now that Capital Bikeshare has a presence in both areas, we need to have better north-south connections between the two bike station groups. The Mt. Vernon Trail is OK for riding up to Rosslyn but it's inconvenient for those traveling from PC to Clarendon and Ballston.

I second what Michael H. has written.

I am interested in others' reactions to the article about cyclists subsidizing drivers at supermarkets. I never thought of it that way, and I still don't after reading the article. Frankly, I don't like the us and them thing where we divide people into cyclists or drivers, to begin with. (I drove my car to Safeway Sunday as I do every weekend, a day after making an admittedly rare trip to Safeway by bike to pick up stuff for dinner). And you can turn the writer's argument around -- she's riding her bike on roads paid for, in part, through gas taxes. (I know, local roads are mainly paid by state and local taxes, but gas taxes contribute.)

I guess I would just replace the work parking with cupcakes. If a grocery store wanted to give out free cupcakes, I wouldn't care even if I didn't want any and even though I knew that not using them would "subsidize" everyone else. It's their business and their money.

But if the city council told them they had to give out a certain number of free cupcakes everyday - more than they wanted to - and so did every grocery store, that would annoy me. [Except that it wouldn't because I would eat those cupcakes like it was my job].

How I feel about the article, in part, depends on whether or not the grocery store parking exists in the first place as a result of a government-mandated parking minimum. Otherwise I find it annoying but I "get" the people who feel that they must drive everywhere can be exploited by the marketplace (lure them with free parking and get the money back through high prices).

One of the WaPo commenters posted this URL sustainablecitynews.com/rr69.html that makes the point, once again, that non-drivers are subsidizing drivers via taxes and public policy (government-provided "free" roads). It is estimated that the average non-driver is paying an extra $250/year.

Så avansert luksus dress på seg urettmessige sko, og så effekten er sterkt redusert, vakker eller ikke se folk se visdom, men om det kan opprettholde en grunnleggende par sko rene og for å opprettholde den glamorøse nye sko, vedlikehold av tunge lær ukedager

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