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I remember launch day back in 2008, such high hopes... Before this thing gets mothballed, any academics or ambitious grad students in economics or policy would be wise to go down and collect some evidence on this program. We have the perfect natural experiment (actually several of them running concurrently) on bikesharing. We've had two successful systems (SmartBike, CaBi)and two failures (Wheels4Wellness, Bcycle). With bikeshare poised to become a major piece of urban transportation nationwide, cross-comparisons of systems that succeeded or failed will be relevant for years.

to be fair, the two failures were bike fleets (open to only a small group of people). And I think economies of scale problems make those unworkable.

You can look at all of the smaller programs as experiments that helped lead to the success of Capital Bikeshare. More and more cities are studying and emulating CaBi. It's probably not that important that other cities examine Wheels4Wellness and NPS Bcycle that closely.

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