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This is probably crazy, but has there ever been talk of a dedicatd bike path on the mall?

The crushed gravel is wide, and even during peak tourists time I find it OK to ride. That being said, I could see some value in having "express" lanes that are paved.

On the stretch between 3rd and 14th, the roadways have sharrows (and signage), and I've never had an issue there.

On the Washington Monument Grounds, things can get very tricky for cyclists, as soon as the tourists roll into town (aka this month).

Toward the Lincoln Monument/Reflecting Pool, though, it's typically been not too bad, although with the re-construction of the pool, what's typically four paths (asphalt and dirt on both sides of the pool), is down to the asphalt path on the southern side. I'm really looking forward to having the other options available to disperse traffic.

charlie, there is a Mall Transportation Plan written by NPS, and I think it includes bike paths on the mall.

Thanks. As I said, usually don't have problems. The issue came up last year when I took my 70 year old parents on bikeshare down the mall --saw how much they were stuggling with the infrastructure. sand/gravel in particular, was difficult for them.

TJROW flyer for the finale promenade to DC for the Bike Summit: http://rideonwashington.org/finale-in-dc/

Meet up in College Park or along the way!

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