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That is a crime against nature, right there.

We can talk about the MBT sidewalk route once the Union Station route and the DO NOT ENTER sign settle their squabble.

I don't really understand why cyclists are being directed to use the sidewalk here. 2nd street is low-traffic here and runs underneath H Street a few blocks north. The street seems to be a much better option. I guess maybe the reason is that north of H Street a portion of the sidewalk is paved with asphalt as a designated portion of the trail.

But the sidealk between this sign and H Steet has tree boxes and variable surfaces, plus a potential for lots of ped traffic due to the adjacent office buildings. I would still use the road through here.

I can hear Mark crying all the way from here.

Get off the sidewalk, Wilbur!

(I'll leave it to someone else to tell you to get off the road.)

I'll throw in a vote for the sidewalk being OK in this area. Lots of tourists and slow riders and CaBis do fine on that sidewalk -- it's wide enough to share with pedestrians if you take it slow. That said, faster riders should take the lane in my opinion.

Completely agreed with Greenbelt. the sidewalk is extremely wide and there's not a ton of foot traffic. A bigger problem is the signage to get to the MBT entrance. A lot of people end up with their bikes at a staircase on L Street looking very confused.

Hey! I ignored that very sign just this weekend!


Look, that minivan is wearing a helmet!

Yup, about a month ago I tried to find the MBT and wound up at the mysterious L street staircase. I gave up and went back to work. Had to ask fellow cyclists how to get to the cycling entrance.

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