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Bikeshare for homeless -- terrible idea.

Even worse idea is delinking payment and usage.*

Now, in practice, the proposed programs seems pretty good. I doubt there will be much uptake.

An better system would be

1) lower membership fees
2) some way to deposit mony into bikeshare (cash) rather than use a credit card. In my membership I've generated maybe $3 in overage fees. Don't tell BS, but the cc on file expired a year ago which is how long it's been since it was charged
3) finding some way to better associate stolen/damaged bikes to a person -- rather than the $1000 fine on a credit card.

The biggest problem is still the $100 hold on debit cards from rentals. That needs to go.

sorry, cut myself off.

* corporate membership are bad for the same reason.

I got a little video of the Tim Johnson ride staging up for the last leg and on the PG county trails: http://vimeo.com/38890979

Tell me the fat-bike pictured in the Ride On Washington story was somebody local. If that thing came down from New York, I'm both shocked, judgmental, and impressed.

@Will: I didn't see him on the ride down from Proteus, so I think he met the group down on the mall.

Proteus's intrepid unicyclist, Ben, did make the 15 mile trip down from College Park.

Ben's an animal. He brought the uni on a pillage around town once. Didn't get dropped.


Bikeshare for homeless -- terrible idea.

I disagree...at least as implemented here. This is a small subset of homeless who get subsidized CaBi usage as a perk in exchange for participating in a employment/life-skills program. That sounds reasonable.

Having said that, if it were just about handing out CaBi keys to random homeless people, that would be a really bad idea.

I feel about "competitive" unicyclists the same way I feel about people who run the local 10k *backwards*, or while skipping rope.

Well, not everyone can wear a kilt and Darth Vader mask and play the bagpipes while riding one

I first spotted the fat-bike on the ride near the White House. He wasn't at Brookland, where I joined.

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