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Just in case anyone's wondering where the heck this thing goes:


Also, does anyone know when the segment between the Aquatic Gardens and the Bladensburg Waterfront Park will be completed?

That will be a huge regional connection for area bikers (up there with the Capital Crescent between G'Town and Bethesda, and the Custis/W&OD)

The last I heard, the plan was to break ground this year.

To Payton Chung, about your photo, great composition. It almost looks like real people superimposed on an illustrated background, the colors and lines are so vivid and clear. Nice work!

Aw, thanks, Will. Can't take much credit for much, though; the camera was hoisted above my head, and since I'm colorblind I let the computer/camera take care of the colors.

Rode it this afternoon. Actually rode from the north gate of the Navy Yard segment all the way to RFK. Really quite pleasant once you get out from under the overpasses.

Once they complete the segment from RFK to Bladensburg, MD this will be a great way to get to points NE of the city.

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