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Dear Mayor - Screw bikelanes... I want louvered bridges with tailwinds!

I'd love some super cool Jetsons like thing, but most likely, the 'bicycle weather tunnel' will wind up looking something like this http://g.co/maps/8fp7e

He uses the term mind set and of course therein lies the rub. Bike infrastructure is stupid cheap compared to motor vehicle support. Take two existing major thoroughfares, one running N-S and another running E-W completely thru the city and simply make them NO MOTORIZED vehicles allowed. Start there, by fiat and see what develops.

Do this in your second term of course when there is no reelection anyway.

This almost makes up for his Exxon/GE love fest that is Epcot's World of Energy. I can't believe he took part in that big oil propaganda.

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