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Welcome back!

Nice one, dude.

Geez, leave it to Maryland to spend $3.74 billion on a massive building project that wasn't very well thought through! They should have learned that much from the ICC. Love the trails, though...

I like it because even the headline alone is funny. (And love the name John Nimby.)

And the URL has its own great joke:
"Capital Bikeshare expands with new boatshare"

Ahem, Greenbelt, looks like you failed to read the date when posted. . . .

Did anyone else catch the April Fool's joke on the timbuk2.com site?

@Ken, Hehe -- I guess the jokes on me:

Ron, that was the original idea from a couple of years ago, but - of course - GGW beat me to it last year. And I didn't fix the link.

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